Tuesday, July 1, 2008

NECC Unplugged

Late Entry: Well I spent the remainder of the afternoon in the Exhibit hall with my wife, daughter-in-law and 1 month old grandson. We had a great time, our grandson was the main attraction as everyone from our school enjoyed meeting him, although he didn't participate much in the conversation.

The rest of the evening we went to a couple of receptions and enjoyed some food, merriment and good conversations.

1:00 PM Standing by at the West Lobby in the student showcase area where Rhonda Curtsinger and her Hereford Junior High School students are presenting "State Heroes of Texas". It is really amazing.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008
11:00 AM I got to sit in on a presentation by Stephanie Standifer's about Web 2.0 That Works. It was a fun and informative session. Although the session was "closed" I told the door guard that I was there to take some pictures of the presentation, which really was the truth, and got in.

I didn't expect it but Stephanie asked me to talk about a VoiceThread that I submitted to the Web2.0ThatWorks contest. It was a lot of fun

9:00 AM Watching the Keynote address this morning with Nancy Pratt from Arizona.

7:30 AM Well I am at the Bloggers's Cafe at the NECC Conference this morning having a cup of coffee and waiting to see how the day develops. I am going to attend some sessions today as well as go assist with the student showcase that students from

I also want to go to the Exhibit Hall this morning as I didn't get to spend more than about 30 minutes on the floor yesterdayHereford Junior High School will present from 1:00 - 3:00 here at NECC.

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