Saturday, July 10, 2010

A Collection of ISTE 2010 Reflections

I thought after reading so many wonderful reflections of ISTE 2010 in Denver, that I would try to put them together in one place.  If you would like for me to add your blog post, please leave a comment or Tweet me on Twitter and I will add it here.

17,500 Plus Attend ISTE 2010 in Denver

Other Edublogs on ISTE 2010:
Reflections on ISTE10 - Paula Naugle
My ISTE Reflections - Chris Lehmann
ISTE Reflections - Jeff Utecht
Is ISTE Like Disneyland? - David Warlick
Yet Another ISTE Reflection from the Radical Center - David Warlick
Wisdom of the Crowd: Reflections of ISTE 2010 - Angela Maiers
Final Reflections From Denver and ISTE 10 - Steven Anderson
ISTE10, Social Media & Relationships - Steven Anderson
The Podcast: ISTE 2010 The Final Brain Dump - Bud The Teacher
ISTE 2010 - Daily Links 07/02/2010 - Stephanie Standifer
ISTE 2010 - Some Early Takes On the Opening Keynote (And on Conference Attendee's Behavior - Scot McLeod
Different Strokes for Different Folks - LBC vs. EBC - Darren Draper
My ISTE - Dean Shareski
Fun Twitter Stories From ISTE - John Peters
ISTE Unplugged Events - Kim Caise
My ISTE Journey - Beth Still
How Can It Be Better - Beth Still
A HUGE Thank You from Myself And The ISTE10 Newbie - Beth Still
My ISTE Reflections - Chris Lehmann
ISTE 10, So Now What - The Nerdy Teacher
Report from Edubloggercon at ISTE10: Tools & Trends - Betty Ray
ISTE10 - iLearn Technology
Policy and iPads: A Few ISTE10 Impressions - Doug Johnson, Blue Skunk Blog
ISTE10 Conference Reflection: Leadership & Cheese Cubes -Gwyneth  Jones
ISTE Reflections - Library Ramblings
ISTE10: What Did You Learn About Helping Students - Lisa Thumann
ISTE10 Saturday - Tim Childers
It's Just The Beginning - Kyle Pace
ISTE10 Birds of a Feather Session Great People, Great Ideas, Great Apps Shared - Judith Epcke
My ISTE Highlights -  Joyce Valenza

ISTE Video Links:
From a Distance ISTE Looks Almost As Good -  Joyce Valenza
ISTE Vision 2010 - Lots of Videos of selected ISTE 2010 Presentations

ISTE Presenter Notes:
ISTE 2010 Presenter Notes Website

ISTE 2010 Magazine:
Iste Daily Reader
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PLNaugle said...

Hi John,

Thanks for putting this list together (and for including me). Hopefully you will hear from more people and the list will continue to grow.

I am still "attending" sessions by following all the links people are including in their blogs and tweets.

"See" you online.

John Peters said...

Thanks Paula. There are lots of good things to come out of ISTE especially the conversations and connections made there and continue in the Edublogosphere and places like Classroom 2.0 Live on Saturday mornings!