Friday, July 9, 2010

Teacher Tuesday vs. Follow Friday

I have always wondered about Follow Friday and the #FF hashtag on Twitter.  Today, for the first time I posted some links to some of my favorite Edubloggers to follow today, Friday.  While I was researching what Follow Friday was all about I ran across Teacher Tuesday which is the same thing but with a teacher twist.

So, now for the question for everyone to consider.  What doe you think about Teacher Tuesday?  I don't know, maybe it will catch on and we can start a new trend? So far, I've only found 1 reference to it, listed below by Anyia from Mozna, Italy.

I think that next week I'll use the hashtag #TeacherTuesday and list some of my favorite teachers for people to follow. What do you think? Does anyone want to join in?

Note: Tuesday, July 13, 2010 - I have posted several #TeacherTuesday posts of fellow Edubloggers that I follow.  It seems that others are starting to get on board!  One word of caution, please do not try to use the hashtag #TT.  I guarantee  you will not be happy with what you see!

Teacher Tuesday - The English Teacher
Teacher Tuesday - Edublogs


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