Thursday, July 1, 2010

Fun Twitter Stories from ISTE 2010

I just got home from Denver last night and was thinking and talking with my wife Cindy while we were driving home. Several interesting and funny things happened while we were using Twitter before, during and after ISTE 10 and I thought that I would put them down here.

I hope that if anyone has some additional amusing Twitter stories from their time at the conference they will add them as well to the comments.

Funny Story #1

We were somewhere in Northern New Mexico when I checked my Twitter feed on my iPhone when I saw a tweet with the #iste hashtag asking if anyone who was attending the conference would like to have dinner? Well, being adventurous we replied. Well after getting through some bad spots in the network and getting into Clayton, NM we received a direct message from Califone that Monday night we would meet at the 1515 Restaurant for dinner with 3 of their people and 2 other ISTE conference goers.

What a great evening. Tim Ridgway, was a wonderful host, it was really fantastic to get to have dinner with such a fun group. We can't thank them enough for the invitation. We had a truly amazing dinner complete with multiple bottles of wine and absolutely exquisite gourmet food. We just had a truly amazing evening, Roscoe was full of fun stories, Erika is a nice young lady who really likes her steak!

Walking back to the Warwick Denver Hotel that night was really an adventure and to think it all came from a little tweet!

Funny Story #2

Wednesday I was sitting around the Blogger's Cafe between sessions charging my iPhone & iPad and talking with a lot of folks there. Sue Waters asked me to keep an eye on her laptop and computer gear while she walked around for a while. I had taken advantage of multiple cups of free coffee from the Eno Trailer in front of the Colorado Convention Center and was getting to the point where I really needed a break. Here's what I tweeted:

Doing computer equipment guard duty for @SueWaters but if I don't check into the #iste10 bathroom on 4 Square soon I'll be in trouble!
within 15 seconds of me sending that tweet Donna Dennis who was sitting next to me looked over at me and said "John, do you need to go to the restroom?" She was monitoring the ISTE Connects Twitter feed. We both just started laughing!

So, just a couple of funny stories while we were using Twitter during ISTE. I hope someone else gets a laugh and will add a funny story if they have one.


Sue Waters said...

Thanks for doing computer guard duty and it is an important task :)

I really appreciated it. It was lovely meeting both you and Cindy. You will be pleased to hear that they were talking about her photo at home in Australia.

My funny twitter stories are the where is Sue Waters ones that my Australian friends started creating because they hadn't hear from me. They came up with some really funny ones about what I might be getting up to at a conference.

John Peters said...

Thanks Sue. It was wonderful meeting you & Frances as well!

I'll tell Cindy the picture of her ISTE badge & multiple ribbons is making the rounds "Down Under". She will really get a kick out of that.

Enjoy the rest of your time in the USA & safe travels home to Australia.