Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Looking for Forensic Science Resources

So Cindy my wife, @TeachHrfrd is teaching a Forensics Science class this year. She and Bryan Hedrick, a really good Law Enforcement CT&E Teacher will be team-teaching this class for the first time at our high school this year. It should be a very interesting class. Both of the teachers are enjoyed by our students, their classes are almost always overflowing, and quite a few of our senior students are fighting just to get in to Mrs. Peters & Mr. Hedrick's classes. When the school opened it up for students 97 signed up for just 1 class!

One of Cindy's main focus while attending ISTE 2010 this year was to gather resources that they may use in class. They will be attending a cool conference in Forensics in Huntsville, TX the 2nd week in August, right before school starts. But as many of us do during the summer, they are trying to look around for what others think might be a "Best Practice" in Forensics. So if any of you out their in my PLN have such a course at your school, are aware of any good Forensics resources or websites that might contain lessons or lesson plans, please make a comment, share a link or offer whatever you think might be useful.

Anything you have to offer would be greatly appreciated. I will add the links that I find and those that people leave me in the resources below.

Follow-up Note: Thanks to everyone in my PLN who contributed to this article. Thanks for the many tweets, re-tweets for information, and links that you sent. @TeachHrfrd sends her thanks as well.

Schools Forensic Websites:
The Crime Lab: Staples High School Forensics
New Rochelle High School Forensic Science Page
Forensics Page - Hunter College High School
Wyoming High School Forensics Association
Schenley High School Forensic Science

Lesson Plans on Forensics:
Forensics Syllabus - The Crime Lag
Forensics Illustrated: Step Under The Tape - Hoagie
3 CSI Folders on Curriki
Fingerprinting, DNA & Stuff on Curriki
Forensic Science Lesson Plans - The Science Spot
Teachers First Lesson Plans
Its A Mystery Lesson Planning - Education World
Was it Murder or an Accident
Forensic Science - Discovery Education
Who Killed the Iceman, The Real Eve, Underwater Forensics - Discovery Education
Lesson Plans - Forensic Science
Lesson Plans - Home School 4 U
Lesson Plans - The Commission on Forensic Education
Great Forensic Science & Educational Resources - All About Forensic Science

The Mystery Spot - Access Excellence - The National Health Museum
The Virtual Autopsy
The Secrets of the Dead - PBS
Visible Proof - Forensic Views of the Body

Blogs & Other Stories About Forensics:
High School Forensics Class Makes Chemistry Fun - Dr. Ann Marie Helmenstien
Students Get a Lesson in Forensic Science - Salisbury Post
A Hit In School - The New York Times

Web Resources:
FBI Youth - FBI for students
Forensics Resources On The Web
Zeno's Forensics Site
Reddy's Forensics Page
Forensics Evidence.com
International Association for Craniofacial Identification
Forensic Art
Kruglick's Forensics Resource & Criminal Law Search Site
Yahoo Directory of Forensic Science Resources
Google Web Directory of Forensic Science
Forensic Hub
Forensic Science Related Resources - PBS Teachers

Career In Forensics Websites:
Advice About A Career in Forensic Science - Dale Nute, Florida State University
Students Get a Lesson in Forensic Science - Salisbury Post
Forensic Science Technicians - Career Zone

Forensic Vendors:
Forensics 101
Forensics Science Education Consulting
Vandalia Science Education Kits
Teacher's Manual - Forensic In School


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