Saturday, July 24, 2010

7 Days To A Better Edublog - Participant's Daily Blogs

Note: I'm participating in a mini-course on writing a better Edublog.  7 Days To A Better Edublog offered by Stephanie Standifer who blogs at The Change Agency. Following is a link to ALL of the posts by the course participants, so far.

Day 1 
David Russell
Elaine Willis
John Peters
Dave Lehnis
Janis Williams
Vicky Sedgwick

Day 2
Top 5 Sites for Great Science To Share With Students - Jay Swan
Bulletn Board Ideas- Elaine Willis
#edTech - Back To School iPhone? - Brad Flickinger
Day 2 Assignment: List Posts - John Peters
Preparing for 21CLEXPO - David Russell
7 Days To a Better Edublog: Day 2 List Posts - Sindy
6 Impossible Things - Christine Voigt
Classroom Management Ideas Worth Thinking Of - Dave Lehnis
Getting My Head On Straight - Louise Maine
Summer A Time For Learning - Vicky Sedgwick
7 Internet Tools I Would Hate To Loose - Jeff Mason
Day 2 - Michael Barbour

Day 3
What Did You Do With Your Summer Vacation? - John Peters
Differentiation Across Three Biology Classes (Question A) - Jay Swan
Daniel Pink In Aspen - David Russel
Students And Blogging - Robin Gerzema
Let's Talk Management at THS - Dave Lehnis
Laptops, and eBooks, and Students, Oh My! - Christine Voigt
Should Students Allowed To Blog? - Jeff Mason
Exploding Head #1 - Vicky Sedgewik
Comic Books In The School Library! - Elaine Ellis
Worst Online Learning Law In America? Really?? - Michael Barbour
Assessment - Louise Main

Day 4
Student Collaboration - Elaine Ellis
Fire Ant Video - John Peters
Looking To The Future Of Technology In The Classroom - David Russell
Genius - Louise Main
The Finest AP Level Biology Videos - Jay Swan
Building Digital Citizens - Vicky Sedgwick
Video: Learner Centered E-Teaching - A Discussion - Michael Barbour
The Future is Phonics - Sindy
Students And Blogging - Part 2 - Robin Gerzema

Day 5
Top 5 Sites For Great Science To Share With Students - Jay Swan
Comic Books In The School Library! - Elaine Ellis
$35 Tablet Computer - Vicky Sedgwick
Student Cell Phone Use In The Classroom - Robin Gerzema
The Boot Campaign - John Peters
Day 5 Current Events Post - Michael Barbour

Day 6
Newsletter August 2010 - Elaine Willis
7 Days To A Better Edublog - Participant's Daily Blogs - John Peters
Best TED Talks On Global Problems - Louise Maine
About Me and Disclosure - Vicki Sedgwick
Virtual School Meanderings - Michael Barbour

Day 7
7 Days To a Better Edublog Mini-Course Reflection- Robin Gerzema
Final Blog Post and Reflection - John Peters
7 Days To a Better Edublog - Day 7 - Michael Barbour
Reflections on 7 Days To a Better Edublog - Vicky Sedgwick

NOTE:  Just some information on how I determined what to put with respect to the Participant's Blog Posts for the 7 Days To A Better Edublog mini-course.  I went to the comments where all of us in the mini-course have posted our comments and blog posts.  From there, I went to each blog and pasted a link from each person's blog.  

If I did not post a blog post that you would like to see here please let me know.  It was probably difficult for me to find your post if you didn't link to it in your comment.  If you will email me with the hyperlink to your post I will gladly include it here.  It's not my intention to leave anything out, but it is not beyond the realm of possibility.  If I did, please accept my apology, it was not intentional.


MKB said...

John, I notice you only have me down for days 3 and 4. I have participated each day (including Day 0). In fact, days in which we were asked to create a specific kind of post I have participated twice (one to reflect on the task and once to actually do it). You can see all of those entries at

John Peters said...


I'll go back and look at everything again on Sunday. Thanks for letting me know.